Why we blog?

March 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s funny for me to start with “why we..” as, I am rather used to say “why people..” However now, as I started doing it, I am not sure whether I like it, but I feel some kind of excitement, which is new and unexpected to me. So I was thinking why we do blog? Well, let’s face it, communication is not the issue, as we have all kinds of social networks, etc., but blog is a totally different experience, isn’t it? To me that’s a true “broadcast yourself”.

However here is the reason, which I came up with, thinking on why we need and like blogs. I think it’s a digital proof of our like, like photo is. Most of those crap we are posting, is a total useless garbage, but we do feel we are alive and will do so for a while, when we have our little space, somewhere there, on a “cloud”, where we can store our thoughts, and even have someone reading it.

Every one has his first, right?

March 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, not long before now, I used to say, I am not typical internet guy.. Now, it seems that everything goes online, and every single one is a “internet guy”.. So I am probably not a typical XXI sanctuary man. I have never blogged, twitted or even leaved a single comment in the internet. I consumed the information from the NET, but never thought about synthesising it.. Well, every first try should be a fail, so I protected myself from a fail, by having no goal.

I was thinking about the philosophy of the internet.. What do you think? Each of us is consuming more information then uploading online.. It’s an easy checkable fact. So, that should mean that web is effecting (changing) us more, then we change the web, right. What do you ppl feel? How did it changed you? I think that the generation of late 80-s may have the most sophisticated answer.

Ok, all the web services can be ranked by popularity. And twitter and google and Facebook will lead the list. But what do you think, is really talented? Do you know ideas which failed (or maybe they are just new and rising), that you consider really talented?

Cheers, h f.